The Search For Perfection, and Musing Thereof

I’ve been kicking around these thoughts for a while, and my hope is that, by writing them out, I’ll be able to crystallize them a bit.  One of my Berklee professors said that we write songs to learn about the subject we choose to write about.  That’s paraphrased, of course, but I don’t feel like digging out my notes. 

Songwriting—The Importance of Rhyming Words

I was listening to my ipod over the weekend, while driving to a gig, and I heard two songs in the same drive that brought a point that had never before occurred to me into stark relief. [Note: what follows is a somewhat esoteric discussion about an intricacy of songwriting. It’s probably of interest only to those who write songs.] That point was this: I may be focusing too much lyrical attention on my rhyming words.