What’s A Little Heartbreak?

So, my new (and very first!) full length, full band album is out now! Man, it’s been a long time since I had new music come out, and I think this one was worth the wait.

I’ll skip the lengthy explanation of the who and what were involved with writing, producing, playing, and generally creating this thing from scratch, and just tell you this: it’s a 10 song soul-pop record, and you can get it on itunes or any other digital retailer today.

Also, if you choose to purchase the album on today, release day, I’ll give you a free download of the songwriting demos of every song on the record. No artist I know of has done that, and I think it’ll be something people will appreciate.

To hear new music, click below. And then either comment here, message me on facebook, or email me to let me know you purchased it and I’ll send you the download link to the demos!


JT Spangler - What's a Little Heartbreak

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