Spain—Random Observations pt. 2

If you see what looks like a single line of bricks, it’s a sidewalk.

If you see what looks like a sidewalk, it’s a road.

If you see what looks like a road, it’s a highway.

If you see what looks like a highway, it’s an interstate.

If you see what looks like an interstate, it’s a runway.

What else? I’ve been bad about blogging since I was in Sevilla—computer access has been non-existent, and time has been short as well. I spent a lovely night in Cordoba, which has an ancient Mosque. I’ve been in Granada for four days since, and it is fantastic. Very old and Moorish-feeling. I’ve found some really fun friends between the hostel and friends in town, so it’s been great to have people to sightsee and hang out with.

Tonight, I take my next (and final) overnight bus trip of this adventure. I’m heading back to Valencia for the final weekend of Los Fallas, which is a giant festival that, near as I can tell, basically just involves lighting stuff on fire. Um, count me in. Plus it’ll be great to see my roommates from Valencia again. Really missed those guys.

From there, it’ll be three more days in Madrid (although, hopefully, I’ll actually hit Toleado and Cuerca nearby instead) and then another fun transatlantic flight, back to the land of fast food and cellphone service.

Español para el dia: “No se, no vivo aqui.”
Translation: “I don’t know, I don´t live here.” For use when people (rarely) ask me directions.

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