Two songs featured on The Real World: New Orleans!

Aight, so sorry the update took so long to hit the website. Tour will do that to you, you know (speaking of which, I have an almost complete tour blog that’s been sitting in a text file for over a month, too). Anywho, something happened to me last month that was pretty awesome. Two of my songs were featured on episodes of The Real World: New Orleans in back to back weeks.

At this point, I’m not honestly sure which episodes (I don’t have a TV, and was touring the NW when the eps aired). If you go here you can search through them. I want to say they aired in episodes 6 and 7, but I still haven’t seen them, so don’t hold me to it.

The moral of the story is that this is awesome, and I’m pretty stoked it happened. These are my first big time placements, and with tons of new music written I’m hoping they’ll be the first of many.

Go watch the episodes and enjoy the music!

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